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Conference Paper
Feuerstein, E., Costa, V.G., Mar\'ın, M., Tolosa, G. & Baeza-Yates, R.A. 3D Inverted Index with Cache Sharing for Web Search Engines. Euro-Par 272-284 (2012).
Costa, V.G., Lobos, J., Inostrosa-Psijas, A. & Mar\'ın, M. Capacity Planning for Vertical Search Engines: An Approach Based on Coloured Petri Nets. Petri Nets 288-307 (2012).
Mancini, V., Bustos, F., Costa, V.G. & Printista, M.A. Data Partitioning Evaluation for Multimedia Systems in Hybrid Environments. 3PGCIC 321-326 (2012).
Funez, D. & Errecalde, M. Detección de plagio intrínseco basada en histogramas. Proceedings del XVIII Congreso Argentino de Ciencias de la Computación 1019–1028 (2012).
Ingaramo, D., Cagnina, L., Errecalde, M. & Rosso, P. An efficient Particle Swarm Optimization approach to cluster short texts. En fase de revisión en revista. (2012).
Gómez-Pantoja, C., Costa, V.G., Rexachs, D., Mar\'ın, M. & Luque, E. A Fault-Tolerant Cache Service for Web Search Engines. ISPA 427-434 (2012).
Lex, E., et al. Measuring the quality of web content using factual information. Proceedings of the 2nd Joint WICOW/AIRWeb Workshop on Web Quality 7–10 (2012). Descargar: WICOW12.pdf (335.38 KB)
Errecalde, M., Ingaramo, D. & Rosso, P. Silhouette + Attraction: a Simple and Effective Method for Text Clustering. En fase de revisión en revista. (2012).
Ferretti, E., et al. On the Use of PU Learning for Quality Flaw Prediction in Wikipedia. CLEF (Online Working Notes/Labs/Workshop) (2012). Descargar: PAN12.pdf (351.09 KB)
Conference Proceedings
Journal Article
Arroyuelo, D., Costa, V.G., González, S., Mar\'ın, M. & Oyarzún, M. Distributed search based on self-indexed compressed text. Inf. Process. Manage. 48, 819-827 (2012).